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Chaya breathes fresh air into Roller Derby and our new high end boot, the ONYX, is in a class of its own. The key of our success is the unique construction of the Onyx boots.


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Product Description

Roller Derby: Chaya Onyx


  • Carbon and fiberglass shell mixture
  • MY FIT technology – fully heat mouldable
  • Dual Centre Mounting (DCM)


  • 100% customizable micro fiber upper (various color options)
  • 3-D anatomical padding
  • Micro fiber lining

Chaya breathes fresh air into Roller Derby and our new high end boot, the ONYX, is in a class of its own. The key of our success is the unique construction of the Onyx boots. The carbon and fiberglass mixture shell is extremely durable and well made, built to resist the toughest of bouts. Top grade carbon and glass fiber materials together with an integrated torsion bar at the bottom make the shell strong and extremely reactive. Thanks to our MY FIT technology, the Onyx boots are fully heat mouldable and make the boots truly YOURS.

The construction of Chaya boots has been developed in close cooperation with one of the best custom boot shoemakers in the world, Sergio McCargo from Argentina, a former world class speed skater. Our last combined with genuine materials and special foams used for padding help to make the Onyx boot a class of its own in terms of fit, comfort and performance. The new lower shell and cut of the boot is still extremely strong and durable while offering a perfect comfort and performance for roller derby.

At the heart of the Onyx boots is the Dual Center Mounting (DCM) system. Your Chaya plate can be fixed to the boot by just two (2) screws. No more drilling, no more anxiety about making mistakes while mounting your boots. DCM is fast, simple and effective! DCM also allows you to shift your plate front to back and also 3mm side to side in order to truly customize your set up. Customization for us at Chaya means more than just changing colors, laces or uppers. Customization for us means TRUE customization from A to Z starting with fitting and plate assembly.

Do you want to combine your Onyx boot with your ‘non Chaya’ plate? No worries – you can mount our boots to any brand of plate.

To gain full advantage of the DCM system we recommend to combine your Onyx boot with one of Chaya´s state of the art plates. Chaya offers lots of options. Plates can be selected by truck angle or by wheel fixation system. Shiva and Ophira plates are available with 20° and 45° trucks, and Zena plates in 20° only. The Shiva plate offers CLIP AXLES for super quick wheel changing. Ophira plates come with a regular wheel fixation by action nuts and standard threaded axles. The new high light is the QUICKY AXLES (patent pending) of the Zena plate, using a push and release mechanism – wheel changing has never been this easy or fast.

To get your skates performing at the highest level possible we also recommend JUICE wheels and WICKED high precision bearings.

Additional Information

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228mm – EU size 36 | US size 4, 235mm – EU Size 37 | US Size 5, 242mm – EU Size 38 | US Size 6, 248mm – EU Size 39 | US Size 7, 255mm – EU Size 40 | US Size 8, 262mm – EU Size 41 | US Size 9, 268mm – EU Size 42 | US Size 10, 275mm – EU Size 43 | US Size 11 | Width D, 281mm – EU Size 44 | US Size 12 | Width D, 288mm – EU Size 45 | US Size 13 | Width D, 294mm – EU Size 46 | US Size 14 | Width D, 301mm – EU Size 47 | US Size 15 | Width D

Need inspiration? Check out the gallery below to view some of our skaters colourful creations.

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